Support & Trustee Advisory Services (STAS) has entered into an arrangement with Royal Trust. This arrangement means that families have access to stable life-long trustee services for their sons and daughters at a reasonable cost. Royal Trust acts as trustee and manages the trust funds under the direction of STAS. Because many families will be involved, the minimum amount for an individual trust fund is $10,000 (instead of the far greater sums usually required). Support & Trustee Advisory Services acts as Advisor to Royal Trust in these trusts and is the “go between” for Royal Trust and the beneficiary through the beneficiary’s support network. By providing this service, STAS ensures continuity in the protection of the beneficiary - STAS will work with family members, resource support workers, or residential managers of the applicable support services that provide support to individuals who have a disability.

Contact your son or daughter’s case manager/service coordinator at the applicable social services agency, such as your local Community Living office, and they can put you in touch with a representative from STAS. Alternately, use the contact us link on this web site or telephone the office.

A STAS representative will be happy to assist you.